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The Most Attractive Disguise

I was talking with a friend who said,
‘The truth ain’t always pleasant,
but sometimes it’s simple.
Some folks are better off single
Because they’re always falling in love —
Not me, I’ve given it up —

And loneliness ain’t half as bad
As being with someone who’s making you sad.
No matter how dark it gets at night,
At least you’re the one who turns out the lights.’

My friend is not a bitter man,
But he will brook no bullshit,
And he’s not chasing stardust.
He says when he’s working the hardest,
It looks like he’s doing nothing at all.
He’s boiling the oceans for salt.

And don’t we deceive ourselves a little bit
When we convince ourselves we deserve to be kissed?
It’s what’s left out and the little white lies
That make the most attractive disguise.