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Roasting Song

Let’s make it take all day. Let’s make it last all night.
How I wish you would stay — now it looks like you might.
Maybe we could play a little tune in the moonlight,
And if it takes all day, you’d better spend the night.

We’ll get some hickory wood, let it start to soak.
They say the oldest trees make the sweetest smoke.
Then we’ll light the fire, wait until it glows —
On a bed of coals, we’re gonna roast it slow.

Here’s some salt and spice. Go on, rub it up.
Bring on the Holy Ghost — we’re sure to have enough.
Bring that bottle down, that stuff is old and good.
Strays will be coming around from the whole neighborhood.

Tomatoes ripe, molasses slow,
Cayenne heat: let the lava flow.
Pull it from the fire, pull it off the bone.
We’ll be eating swine till the cows come home.