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Mormon Girl Blues

Don’t give me none of that rice beer — save the barley and hops for me.
And if you don’t do Dublin, I also take Kentucky and Tennessee.

Gimme a bottle or a can, either way — I really don’t care.
Tear the top off that can so it don’t tear out my mustache hair.

On my way walking home, a pretty girl hollers across the street.
It’s been a long morning, and I’ve had nothing to eat.

Why’d you send a sweet young thing to speak to a creep like me?
For all she knows, I could be listed on some kind of registry.

She’s wearing a skirt so long, but I could fall in love with her eyes.
We could spend a little time together, see which one of us testifies.

If God’s gonna forgive my sins, He’ll forgive yours too.
I’m out looking for trouble — Trouble just found you.

Let me be your little god till you big God comes.
The nice thing about us little gods — you can always have more than one.