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Come on, it's New Year's Day:
Why don't we listen to Hank
And find a new game to play with dominoes?
Old Hank died 59 years ago.
“Why Should We Try Anymore?”
Because the best thing we do —
I guess I don't know about you —
But the best thing I do is to sing a song.
It's the right thing to do, even when you do it wrong.

What did you do last night,
Did you set the woods on fire?
Neither did I, I was in bed by twelve.
I rang it in like the Liberty Bell:
Just wishing I'd never cracked.
Maybe this'll be the year you finally grow a beard.
Maybe I'll grow tall and handsome.
I'm afraid I'd have to pray for a miracle, and then some.

For now, it's New Year's Day
And we're listening to Hank.
What the hell, we might as well play cribbage.
Is this for glory, or is it just a scrimmage?
I'll be damned, how'd you get that score?
You got 15 - ­2 - ­4 - ­6 - ­8 - ­10 - ­12 - ­14 - ­16
And another dozen for four of a kind.
Cousin, nobs gives you 29:
Hank's age when he died.