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Tin Roof Sessions

On our annual trip to New York last fall, we were invited to play a Tin Roof Session. There was a semi-dismantled piano and a strange brand of sparkling water. Listen/watch here.


Everyone’s a critic, even Dan!

Dan tries his hand at rock criticism, goes overboard:

“Plays the Piano” on best of 2012 lists

“Plays the Piano” was named one of the best albums of 2012 by Kevin Coffey at the Omaha World-Herald  and by Michael Todd at Hear Nebraska
Very flattering.  We tip our hats to Scott Joplin, who wrote half the album’s tracks.

Film Streams

We’re very excited about this:

We’ll be playing a live ragtime soundtrack to Buster Keaton’s brilliant “Sherlock Jr.” on December 6 at Film Streams. One night only, the band playing live with the movie on the big screen. No singing! (I know that’ll make some of you happy.)

Concert for KRNU 11/25 at Duffy’s in Lincoln

We are playing a concert for KRNU on Sunday 11/25 at Duffy’s in Lincoln.

Trenching will be the first band, at 8 o’clock. Planning on leaving the piano at home and playing some of the old guitar jams.

KRNU actually plays our music. On the radio.

‘Plays the Piano’

McCarthy Trenching Plays the Piano is a recording of two people, James Maakestad (of Gus & Call) and Dan McCarthy, playing upright bass and piano and singing on a Saturday afternoon.

Three of the tracks – “The Favorite”, “Swipesy”, and “Solace” – are Scott Joplin rags; the other five are original songs: the one about tv cowboys and tornadoes, the one about Hank Williams and cribbage, the one called Evil/Free Will, the one about the girl named after a salad dressing, and the one written while waiting for the bass player to show up for practice.

Plays the Piano is not in stores until October 9th; pre-orders will ship on October 2nd.

Pre-Order Plays the Piano

“Plays the Piano” World Tour:

No shows booked at the moment.

Shows with Dead Fingers

Our friends Dead Fingers are coming through Nebraska, and we’re playing a couple of shows with them. I remember the first time I heard them do “In Spite of Ourselves” in Birmingham a few years ago, I thought it was even better than Prine and DeMent.

June 20, Bourbon Theater / Lincoln NE
June 21, O’Leavers / Omaha NE

Back at it

We’ve been working on a piano record in the living room. Dan’ll come out and play a few of the songs on April 7th at the Saddle Creek Record Store, 721 N 14 St. 3pm

Turning the tables on traditional music marketing did a story about The Trench, vinyl music sales, and record labels. Check it out!



Oh Nancy video

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from Fresh Blood

Recorded / directed by our friends at