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Winter Solstice, Post Office

Winter solstice, post office: like a tavern on St. Patrick’s Day
We regulars are getting the job done
You amateurs are just getting in the way
The man behind the counter’s disgruntled
Though I’ve never seen him gruntled yet
His commute began before first light
And he’ll be here till after sunset

The darkest day of the year
How I wish that you could mail away your sorrow
I’m not trying to bullshit a bright side
But the daylight will last longer tomorrow

Priority to Hawaii: do you think it’ll make it on time?
Her daughter just got out of the Army
And she’s making conversation in line
Me, I’m on a foolish errand
Probably only one stamp, and just across town
Things I cannot tell you in person
I hardly had the courage to even write them down

One thing about winter: you never wait long for the night
If there are things that you desire
That need darkness to make them feel right
I found myself in your neighborhood
At that pivotal part of the evening
Five hours before closing time
You were finished, and I was leaving

The darkest day of the year
How I wish that we could sleep away your sorrow
I’m not trying to find a silver lining
But tonight the moonlight is shining