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The Glorious Giving In

After the show goes better than you hoped
After a week of white-knuckled hanging on
After a month of relying on that shitty city bus
After a year when you forgot what it felt like to have fun
It was glorious giving in

That first sip, as sweet as a first kiss
And it comes with the same risks
It might wreck your life
But it might be worth it
And it can be glorious giving in

When you deny yourself too long
You get eaten up by what you lack
What’s the use in being strong
When you’re spending all your power
Just holding yourself back
From that glorious giving in

If it weren’t wonderful
If it didn’t feel good
They wouldn’t call it

I don’t believe that some apple tempted Eve
In the Garden of Eden
I don’t believe it was some serpent
I bet she just got bored with her husband
And it was glorious giving in