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The Barroom and I (Sure Miss You)

You were smoking a cigarette
When you figured out you were pregnant.
So I drove you to my house
So that you could lie down.
That smoky old barroom,
It sure does miss you,
But not half as bad as I do
Since you moved out of town.

The barroom and I sure miss you.
The beer's not as cold.
They won't let you smoke.
Every joke is old.
All the whiskey tastes sour.
It's a cheese-paring pour.
There are no smiling faces
When I walk through the door.

That baby is walking now,
And there's another on the way,
Their daddy standing there handsome
On your wedding day.
You moved to California –
That's where you've always belonged.
The kids can swim in the ocean,
And you can sit in the sun.

The bartender thinks I'm a creep.
Most of the time I agree.
Though I've tried to convince him,
He will not believe
That your leaving had nothing
To do with me.