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My Old Ways

She was a good girl before she met me,
And I thought I’d introduce her to corruption.
But love is a bargain, and she drove a hard one.
Before long, she’d beat me into submission.
But I kept on drinking and it started to rankle
When she’d talk to me about ambition.
I wasn’t willing to give up on the bottle,
And that turned out to be one of her conditions.
Now that she’s kicked me out…

I can’t wait to get back to my old ways.
I’m gonna get me a gallon of hundred-proof whiskey
And get drunk for three days.
I’m gonna take all the girls from the bar home with me
And see which one of them stays.
God, ain’t it great to be free.

One night I came home about four in the morning,
And she was waiting up with the lights on.
So I grabbed my guitar and I started picking something.
I guess I didn’t play the right song.
Then I made the mistake when she started crying
Of trying to ask her what’s wrong.
She said, “Goddam you, you better get packing.
That’s the last time you’ll ask me that question.”
Now that she’s kicked me out…