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Michaela, I’m sorry. I spent up all your money
On a hooker in Memphis. She bore a strong resemblance
To your sister, and I remember everything that she wore:
Just hot pants, and high boots, and not much more.
But if you forgive me, I swear that I’ll remember
Everything about you.

Michaela, I’m sorry. I wrecked your old jalopy.
I was running from a hooker who said I owed her money,
And I guess I got going a little too fast.
I was drunk and got confused between the brake and the gas.
But if you forgive me, I swear that I will buy you something
Clean and new.

Michaela, I’m sorry, but I got thrown in prison
On account of the hooker was really a policeman,
And the judge was mean. He threw the book at me.
Now I’m out on parole, but I can’t leave Tennessee.
But if you forgive me, I swear that I will ever be
Kind and true.

Michaela, now I realize you probably found some other guy,
And I ain’t got a leg to stand on.
But I came down here to buy a ring, and thought I’d have a final fling,
It just took a little longer than I’d planned on.

So now, Junior, tell your mama I’m really very sorry
About Memphis and the hooker, about her old jalopy.
But I’ll buy her that ring. I’ll make my amends
If she can find it in her heart to send
Some money. Michaela, I spent up all your money.