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Laguna Beach

Came to California, gonna get some sand in my shoes.
It might take me a couple of days before I can get that loose.
To track in all that sand and not reach for a broom,
I'd have to rent a whole new mind, not just a hotel room.

Middle of February, a bunch of mixed­up holidays.
Washington declares his love, but Lincoln don't know what to say.
Even the Christian thrift store has a window display
That reminds me of my hometown on college football day.

My brother used to live here, I know he fit right in.
Not just his suntan, no he's also handsome and thin.
Some of the local ladies thought maybe he was a movie star.
Me, I'm more likely to be mistaken for the gardener.

Many a man is ruled by things he thinks he owns:
Insurance for the pool at your manmade lakeside home.
I say wish for what you wish, just be careful what you get.
I saw a dude with a Rolls Royce picking up a poodle's mess.