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I Am Not Long for This World

I’m calling in my favors, boys.
It’s last call for all the beers that you owe me.
I think you know where to meet me.
Let’s go where all of the bartenders know me.
Go on and bring your brothers.
Why not invite my ex-girlfriends down.
Only losers are weepers:
You can tell them I won’t be seeing them around.
I am not long for this world.

Pat can have my guitar.
Bill, I’m only way to bring back your bass.
And I’ve got someone’s accordion —
You know, the one with the snakeskin case.
I’ve made my final arrangements;
My sister knows how to dispose of my stuff.
Tonight set fire to my basement,
And if I’m lucky the flames won’t wake me up.
I am not long for this world.

I think I know where I’m headed,
So I could use all the help I can get.
I’m pretty sure that the sins I’ve committed
Are worse than the ones I haven’t got around to yet,
So I been thinking about penance.
I think I’ll go up and settle my tab.
It’s been an awful, short sentence.
The crimes at the time didn’t seem so bad.
I am not long for this world.

So meet me, yeah meet me at the Holy Ghost Saloon.
If you plan to see me, you better get there soon.