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Hotel Lobby Bar

The special is sweet. The barkeep keeps it week.
There’s only bad music and sports on TV.
I used to yearn for something the opposite of these:
Something pure and good and quiet.
I’m not gonna find it, not here.

The prices are high. So are half the drunks,
Trying to see how cheap you can get on a hundred bucks.
I’m a long way from home, one among strangers.
Places like this can be downright dangerous for a man like me.

I left my ring in my room, concealed from view
Among a dozen little bottles of booze.
She and I could drink a few, never mind the cost.
Money you never spend will be money you have lost in the end.

I didn’t catch your name. That’s very nice.
Forgive me for my habit of having to ask twice.
I see you don’t wear a ring, a pretty girl like yourself.
Ain’t it a shame when a pretty thing just sits on the shelf?