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Head Waters

Worry's like water, it'll always find
The lowest little ditches in your mind.
And of course the creeks get swollen after a heavy rain,
But this flash flooding can't be explained.

The head waters are a mystery.
I've heard about a lake up in the hills
Fed by the cold spring of misery:
May it run dry; I've had my fill.

Does it ever happen to you, when you're in the van —
You have a major crisis of faith in man.
Doing the subtle soft­shoe between the gas and the brake,
Thinking, How can I trust these people not to make mistakes?

The head waters are a mystery.
Must be somewhere up near the great divide.
I'd make a sacrifice to the god of gravity
If from now on, they'd flow down the other side.

When has it ever helped to worry?
This plane's been delayed.
This pain's worse today.
Will I get there on time?
How am I going to die?
Are my feelings all fake?
Is this song a mistake?

The head waters are a mystery.
I imagine a melting field of ice.
Glaciers older than history,
This century are taking the big slide.

The head waters are a mystery.
No one knows where these waters rise.
At least no one who's been there and known what he's seen
Has managed to make it back alive.