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Fruitless Beauty

Cottonwood, cottonwood
You don’t do no one no good
Your cotton cannot be spun
And your wood is too spongy for lumber

Flower child, flower child
You let your lawn grow wild
They say we make ourselves better with labor
And it’s nicer when it looks like the neighbors’

Fruitless beauty, with no reason why
You can always make up a story
Like for patterns of stars in the sky

Mockingbird, mockingbird
How many tunes have you learned
Do you ask the other birds’ permission
Or do you just perch on their branch and listen

Perfect game, perfect game
What’s in a name
Let’s make some mistakes not mean failure
And we can work on our serves the whole year

Fruitless beauty, not so hard to find
Given time to pay attention
And the canvas of a quiet mind

Firefly, firefly
I’m sure some scientist knows why
You put on a spectacle at twilight
The golden glow and slow flight

Little dance, little dance
What’s the circumstance
You were coming back from the bathroom
And you executed a groovy little move

Fruitless beauty: pecan pie
The stupid jokes you make to yourself
And the way your own mind can surprise you