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Asking For a Friend

I have a friend, all weekend long
Wants to sit on his couch and watch football
He has the mind of a nine-year-old
Lucky for him, he was only born nine years ago
His mom and dad let him watch one game
On Saturday, and one on Sunday
They make him read every day and sit down for dinner
What he likes best is cheering for a winner
But he likes me anyway

I have a friend teaches yoga classes
I’ve taken a couple, and they’ve kicked my asses
She doesn’t eat meat, and I still do
She loves her dog, his name is Bruce
We nearly lost him in a river once
He’d never swum in a current, and he’d never seen ducks
My friend jumped in chasing after Bruce
I didn’t even take off my shoes
But she likes me anyway
She’s forgiven me

Forgiveness is an unusual word
It can be freely bestowed, or laboriously earned
By my age, I hope you’ve learned
We’ll each need forgiveness in our turn

I have a friend with a broken heart
When he tries to put it together, it’s always missing a couple parts
But it still seems to be pumping blood
And if you ask me, it’s still capable of love
Aren’t we all alone in the end?
I’m asking for a friend
Everything I’ve done he thought of it first
And he’s certainly seen me at my worst
But he likes me anyway

Forgiveness is an unusual word
I’m talking how the noun is formed from the verb
Go on and call me a nerd
We’ll each need forgiveness in our turn