In Front of All These People?

1. Thanks For Comin! (Live)

2. Why Don't I See You Anymore? (Live)

3. Phaethon (Live)

4. Asking For a Friend (Live)

5. What Friend? (Live)

6. Fruitless Beauty (Live)

7. Red Maple (Live)

8. Fatigued Spring (Live)

9. The Glorious Giving In (Live)

10. Russian Olive (Live)

11. Uncle Jerry (Live)

12. I Didn't Come to Town to Get a Haircut (Live)

13. I Went to the Post Office (Live)

14. Winter Solstice, Post Office (Live)

15. Pacific Grove (Live)

16. Lay All My Cards on the Table (Live)

17. Fifty Times a Day (Live)

18. In Front of All These People? (Live)

19. 29 (Live)